Clevurr UI starter kit

I have been chipping away at this project for quite some time.  I am excited to share a complete user interface kit for your next super cool web app.  The Clevurr UI kit is a the perfect foundation.

What’s included?

  • No images needed.
  • Header with a simple drop down menu
  • 1104 pixel 12 column grid layout.  Easy to use!
  • Using jQuery UI
  • Full font styling and paragraph layout
  • Form elements including CSS3 sliders
  • 2 different simplistic table layouts
  • CSS3 buttons in multiple colors and sizes.  Including button groups
  • Full @ font-face icon set .  Already created default user thumbnails and buttons with icons included.

Fog City User Interface

dark ui kit

Hello my peeps!  I have been slacking big time, so I made today’s freebie a larger giveaway.  Here are a lot of great ui design elements for your next app.  It includes buttons in multiple states, user drop-down menu, loading pie, tags, stars and much more!  I will continue to add to this for the pixel members, so make sure to get on that up top.  I also have some cool CSS3 freebies you get when you sign up.  Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  As always, enjoy!


How does Relative and Absolute Positioning work?

That’s a great question!  Understanding CSS positioning was one of those pivotal moments for me.  It seems to trip a lot of people up, and once you get it, you’ll find lot’s of uses for them.

This subject has been covered many times and I found positioning 101 by A List Apart to be super helpful.

I’m going to go over a key relationship in CSS positioning that might help solve some head scratchers. The infamous relative and absolute positioning.  By default elements are positioned static. Once you declare an element as absolute, it will position itself to the browser window.

CSS3 Buttons

It’s been quite a while since I have posted. Maybe you noticed an entire site overhaul. Today, I put together an assortment of some super sweet CSS3 buttons. These are created with support down to IE9 (sorry legacy guys). Grab the file and enjoy! Show me some pics of projects where you have used them. I would love to see that.

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PDF: iPhone 4 Wireframe Template

Today’s freebie took me quite some time. I always suggest sketching before beginning any web/app project. It helps you to think through the user flow and it’s much easier to erase. I wanted to provide a quality template to let loose any ideas when wire-framing a mobile design in a well organized template. This will also help you to easily present it to stakeholders/clients/bosses. Included is a print resolution pdf and layered PSD. Enjoy and feel free to share!

PSD: App Navigation Menu

Today’s freebie includes a great start to your next applications menu bar. The fundamentals are included. Just customize it to fit for your product. I have a few notification styles included. One minimalistic and the other a color glowing notification set. Enjoy and please spread the word.

fonts included: Helvetica Neue and Wisdom Script

PSD: Fancy Line Chart

Today’s resource is a nice line chart. Inspired by the amazing google charts and various other analytics apps. Perfect for your next admin panel, analytics, dashboard. Make it look fresh! Enjoy!

Lots of Labels

Today’s Freebie are very useful. Any app you create will need notification labels or tag items. This is a utility style label or tag set. Included is full HTML/CSS to easily implement into your next app or blog theme. Just click download and you will have everything you need.

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